Escape Room Denver Open Monday - Saturday

For the Month of May (2019) only, Bible Treks has moved to the
Denver Hmong Alliance Church located at
8135 Knox Ct. Westminister, CO 80031​

-Open Monday: 3:30-5:00 PM Start Times
-Open Tuesday-Friday: 3:30-9:30 PM Start Times
-Open Saturday: 9:00 AM-9:30 PM Start Times

​Funds raised by Bible Treks Christian Escape Room Denver will go to support a new ministry called "Build Ministries," a
Christian Ecumenical Ministry!


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Escape Room Themes
Only One Can Be Run at a Time...Games are Switched Periodically! See Dates on homepage for more accurate info!

Sure-Lock: Cave of Wonders

Games are Switched Periodically!

Sure-Lock Holmes has gone missing! We need you to help Watson find his whereabouts... word is that he has gone missing in a mysterious cave in the woods called the Cave of Wonders! Are you brave enough to enter?

The Savior Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
​2-8 Players - 1 Hour Game - Difficulty TBD - Brand New Game!

Shipwrecked with St. Paul

Games are Switched Periodically!

​​Join St. Paul on his incredible journey to Rome as he becomes shipwrecked on the island of Malta! A journey right out of the book of Acts Ch. 27-28! Hop into Scripture as you and your team join St. Paul on this Biblical Epic!

​​The Savior Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
​2-8 Players - 1 Hour Game - Difficulty TBD - Brand New Game!

​Mystery Aboard the Titanic​​​

​Games are Switched Periodically!

25​​Jesus Christ is Lord and is Alive my Friends!!! The date is April 15th, 1912 and the Titanic has just struck an iceberg!!! As a first class passenger yourself, you have been asked by your dear family friends the Stauer's who are currently in a complication to find their priceless family heirloom hidden inside of their state room and then to meet them on deck to see what all of the commotion is about! Little do you know; however, that you only have one hour until the final lifeboat departs! Therefore, you must find the heirloom and get on deck to board a lifeboat within an hours time, or else... 

The Savior Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
​2-8 Players - 1 Hour Game - Medium Difficulty (Over 50% Success Rate)

The Finding at
Christenson Manor

Games are Switched Periodically!

The Seminary at Oxford University recently recieved a strange letter from a family known as the Christenson's in the north of England requesting your help in exploring an old study that was just recently discovered at their manor home! The family patriarch whom the study belonged to, Dr. Nigel Christenson, had it sealed up following his passing. Therefore, the room has been left untouched since the 1880's...be very observant as you enter the room. Dr. Christenson has left quite a journey in store for you upon entering his study!

The Savior Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
​2-8 Players - 90 Minute Game - Expert Difficulty (10-15% Success Rate)