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Bible Treks has gone MOBILE!!!


"This was our first escape room and it was SO much fun!! The Christian theme was really neat and the clues got harder as the game went on. It was a great challenge and had some really good twists!! Definitely worth the $$. I only wish we could do it again for the first time!!" -Carrie

"This was an amazingly put together escape room challenge. Colin worked a long time behind the scenes to make it so much fun! Lots of surprises along the way. 4 of us were able to do it just outside the time limit." -Allie

"My wife and I had a great experience, it was a fun, challenging, and Christ centered walk (or sprint!) through the gospels. Very well done!" -Jacob

Our Lobby!

​Our Lobby!

Ways to support Bible Treks, 316 GEAR, & other ministries of Build Ministries

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    Try our Live Escape Room
    Experience our new live escape room... The Finding at Christenson Manor! Grand Opening will be on Tues. June 20th, 2017
  2. 4
    Donate to Build Minsitries
    On top of experiencing Bible Treks...Of course, donations can always help to further the ministries that we do also...
  3. 2
    Connect with a Local Church
    We pray that your experiences with us will help you in your journey of finding a strong local Church community!
  4. 3
    Spread the Word
    Spread the word to your family, friends, and co-workers about Bible Treks and the other ministries @ Build Ministries!
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    Get 316 GEAR Clothing
    Visit www.316gearco.com and get some new Christian sporting apparel 316 GEAR and wear your Christian Faith outwardly !
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    Love the Lord Jesus Christ
    Continue, or start, serving the Lord Jesus Christ with all of your life! Then we will be working in the same business together!:)