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What is a Live Escape Room?

100% of funds payed to, and raised by Bible Treks will go to support the minsitries of "Build Ministries" as run by Be3 @ Montclair UMC!!!

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Live Escape Gaming Experience

-Bible Treks is a Build Ministries Fundraiser and is a ministry of Be3 @ Montclair UMC!
-Bible Treks is located at
1195 Newport St, Denver, CO  80220
Montclair Community United Methodist Church
​-Game Times are listed under the sign up tab above!
-Bible Treks is utlitmately intended to be a fundraiser for a new upstart minsitry called Build Ministries that is operating as a minsitry of Be3 @ Montclair United Methodist Church
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Ways to support the ministries of Build Ministries and Be3 UMC

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    Try our Live Escape Room
    Experience our new live escape room... The Finding at Christenson Manor! Grand Opening will be on Friday Feb. 3rd, 2017
  2. 2
    Donate to Build Minsitries
    On top of experiencing Bible Treks...Of course, donations can always help to further the ministries that we do also...
  3. 1
    Come to Be3 UMC
    Experience our Dinner Church by coming for a meal and Worship on Thursday nights @ 6:00 PM!
  4. 3
    Spread the Word
    Spread the words to your family, friends, and co-workers about Bible Treks and the Ministries @ Build Ministries and Be3!
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    Contact Us for More Info
    Contact us for more info @ 720-273-2371